First night in Qatar

reddingbrothers Rock & Roll Can Save The World

I just found this in my journal from when I was in the Middle East. I wrote this May 9, 2008.

Last night after the show, Josiah and I signed up at the internet room. They told us to come back later, so I ended up walking around to look at the coffee beanery. Outside was this guy playing an Applause guitar like mine. I thought it was an Ovation like mine at first. His name was Teeto. We talked about song-writing (what he was doing), and guitar playing. I showed him a few guitar techniques, and I sang him "Stain". Then he played me a song he had just written. He started writing a week and a half ago after hearing a sermon, and is on his third song. He's writing contemporary christian. He talked about his brother-in-law who is in Nashville, doing a bit of christian singing. He leads worship on Sundays at the Global Cafe on Broadway. I told him about The Loft. We talked for a long time, then his friend AJ came up. After a bit, I left for the internet, and then to bed. It was after 1am, and I kept almost falling asleep sitting there.