Questions on the Street

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Today, I was walking into the grocery store, and got accosted by Better Nashville. They were doing a Jay Leno-style "question-on-the-street" thing where they ask simple questions. Normally I wouldn't agree to appear on camera, but all my friends now think I'm doing some kind of "Yes Man" lifestyle, where I just go with whatever comes along. So I did.

Although they were fun people, I'm afraid I disappointed them by getting all the answers right. The questions were simple, but I can imagine that most of the time, if someone sticks a camera in your face, and asks you confusing-sounding dumb questions, you'd slip up. In fact, I found it so stressful, I'm amazed I didn't. Apparently I was just jazzed up enough to concentrate. Here were the questions:

"In what country is the Panama Canal?"

"How much does a pound of lead weigh?"

"Who wrote Ronald Reagan's autobiography?"

Next time Jay Leno asks you something like this, remember to stop and think before answering.