Middle East Tour Photos on Flickr!

Our military tour of the Middle East resulted in a lot of amazing photos, including this one, taken in the building called "Taliban's Last Stand"; the last hiding place of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Now you can see those photos on Flickr. The link is now in the right sidebar.


I was at the concert at GSC and it was Amazing. I loved it so keep playing!!

"the last hiding place of the Taliban in Afghanistan"? oh great, so now that's taken care of, we can all go home? wow, i want some of that kool-aid you guys are drinking.

While kool-aid is a delightfully refreshing and tasty drink, the Taliban ARE still in Afghanistan. You are correct.

There were several attacks that were averted while we were over there (not around us), and they warned us what would happen if a terrorist propped a rocket up against a wall, and set it off.

But we were just trying to tell you the name of the building. :)

-micah redding