Gabe's biking days 25-29

Gabe hits 65 mph on a bike! Sees some Buffalo! Gets on TV! Goes to Wal-Drug! Becomes a film star! Lives the American dream!

Taking a Mineral Bath at the World's Most Eccentric Hotel

Gabe is on days 20-24 of biking across America, and decides to stop in at a slightly different hotel for a mineral bath. Oh, and he runs over a swarm of grasshoppers.

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Gabe bikes on one leg!

On days 15 through 19, Gabe hits 55 mph, and has some kind of crazy leg injury. He then decides to keep biking on ONE LEG. You've got to see his strange way of doing this. Weird! Biking through Minnesota and onward, Gabe is biking for MS.

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Gabe shaves his legs

For some reason, Gabe decides to shave his legs 12 days into his biking trip across America. Ewww!

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Gabe takes an ice-bath (Biking America, days 7-10)

On Gabe's next 3 days, he shows us how to take an ice-bath, tries CarbBoom, stands outside one of our old concert venues, watches Michael Jackson on Youtube, gets lost, and sees some corn.

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