14 Songs in 28 Days

The Resolution BeginsThe Resolution Begins is our effort to compile and achieve the greatest resolutions of all time. It started on New Year's Eve with a small group of resolutions written down on a sheet of notebook paper. It has now morphed into a blog with hundreds of resolutions added to daily by people from around the world.

As one of my ridiculously ambitious resolutions, I decided to attempt to write and record 14 songs in 28 days. Specifically, I am trying to write and record 14 songs in the 28 days of February.

I just posted demos of the first two songs I wrote and recorded this month. Listen to them here, and let me know what you think:

  1. The Last of it’s Kind
  2. Rome’s Last Day

Better yet, subscribe to the Resolution podcast, so you’ll see as soon as I post new ones:

Attempting to write and record 14 songs in 28 days is a big task - a task so big, it could almost make you freeze up. But The Resolution is all about finding ways to make your creativity work, even when it doesn’t want to.

When I started writing these songs, I struggled. The song I started with morphed into another song, which morphed into a third, and before long, the whole day was gone, and I only had pieces to show for it. I was being stymied by my own creative vision. I have the feeling that this is going to be my biggest struggle this month: to know when to let things go, instead of staying stuck in a perpetual attempt to make them perfect.

And so I’m going to stop trying to make this post perfect, stop trying to find the perfect way to explain and detangle the creative process, and just go ahead and post what I’ve got. And ask you to tell me what you think.


Walk 4 Water

The video for Walk 4 Water 2009 just came out, featuring our song "Feel". We'll be performing a concert as part of this event, and will be raising awareness of it around Nashville.

The Greatest Resolutions of All Time

We're setting out to accomplish our resolutions for the new year. And they're going to be entirely different than anything you've ever seen.

The first problem with most resolutions is that they shoot too low. Lose 10 pounds, exercise a little, stop drinking so much egg-nog.

Nobody cares.

And so these resolutions are forgotten as quickly and lightly as they are made.

“Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood.” (Daniel Burnham)

We’re going to do exactly the opposite of what people normally do. A small group of us has compiled a list of resolutions that are life-changing, world-shattering, and above all, BOLD. We are defying the forces of entropy and blandness, and are setting out to make a year that will reverberate with greatness.

The second problem with typical resolutions is that they aim to AVOID something, to hold out on eating that gingerbread man (maybe - hopefully - perhaps) until the month of February. By DEFINITION, these resolutions are broken almost as soon as they are made, as human willpower fails. By the time March rolls around, nothing of those pale resolutions is left.

By contrast, almost all of our resolutions are ACCOMPLISHMENTS, things we can go out and achieve, and once achieved, can never be taken from us.

The third problem with new year’s resolutions is that they’re personal and self-centered. Ours are exactly the opposite, resolutions born of a small group, but spreading and growing in their audacity and scope as they go, inviting and provoking ever more people to join in our great effort.

So we're launching a new website and blog for this fantastic endeavor. And we want you to be a part of it. It's called:

The Resolution Begins!

Let it Snow!

Hi, The Redding Brothers here.

Merry Yuletide!

We hope you've had a great year so far, that you're enjoying the low gas prices, and that you aren't snowed in. We've had a fantastic year, low fuel prices are wonderful, and our roads have been cleared!

This year, we completed 53 Songs Of The Week, traveled through 7 countries in the Middle East, and made history with our Surround-Sound Concert. We have had a fantastic time. Of course, it's all possible because of people like yourself, and we thank you for that.

2008 has been our greatest year yet - and we're looking forward to an ever greater 2009. We'll be attempting to make history again, and we'll be letting you see how first-hand. It's going to be amazing.

There's still time to order our album, The Physics Of Immortality, for yourself or for your nearest and dearest friends. While we don't ship overseas, we can send this album to your family or friends anywhere in the U.S. And it makes a great gift: it's unique, it's music, and it's actually good :).

And just to say thanks, we'll email you all the songs from our winter EP, Snow, when you order The Physics of Immortality. "Snow" includes our breath-takingly crazy version of Carol Of The Bells, as well as a few other surprises. :)

So, thanks again, and enjoy your eggnog while it lasts!

-The Redding Brothers

All Skate Chat was a roaring success!

Last night, we had a great time chatting to people from all over the US and the world. We had all US time zones represented, as well as people from the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

For them, it was early early in the morning when we started chatting - and they have to deal with closely regulated and restricted internet - but they still made it.

Safe to say, it was the greatest chat ever.

We shared some new photos from our Surround Sound Concert, talked about coming to Texas and Colorado and Seattle and Florida, and had an awesome time. And we handed out copies of The Mister Rogers Song.

Is anyone interested in doing this again?


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